B&B Galleria Cavour is located in the prestigious Galleria Cavour Shopping Center. Galleria Cavour is a commercial gallery in the historical center of Bologna, where some of the most prestigious luxury and fashion stores in the world are concentrated. Access through four entrances: Via Luigi Carlo Farini, Via Giovanni Massei, Via Pier Gabriele Goidanich and Via de 'Foscherari. A stone's throw from Piazza Maggiore and 100 meters from the famous tower - the symbol of the city.

About us

We started in July 2018 with a complete demolition of all the walls to create three beautiful soundproofed rooms with bathrooms. A modern and at the same time very functional style was chosen. Our architects took care of the selection of furniture, namely: plumbing Antonio Lupi, Gessi faucets, Garofoli fixtures. For the maximum comfort of our guests, we have very large beds with hard mattresses and pillows. We also have a range of bed linen, which can be in three versions: linen, silk, cotton Percale 500 threads. The rooms have air conditioning and underfloor heating. For our guests, we have chosen the ANYAH line, which has the Eu Ecolabel certificate. This is an Ecolabel EU Certified Rinse Aid.